The ACE Learning Collaborative for Buncombe County

The ACE Study has been introduced into communities in other areas around the country. Typically resources and referral networks are in place to serve particular geographic locations. The members of the Innovative Approaches Steering Committee in Buncombe County, North Carolina decided it was important to introduce new materials within our community regarding the ACE Study. These new materials include this website, a set of educational tool-kits for medical providers and families, and a series of speakers that will raise awareness about the ACE Study. Our intention is to refine these materials as awareness grows in the community, which will include a comprehensive referral network of resource providers. The ACE Learning Collaborative is comprised of professional community leaders from various disciplines, including medical, social work, education, mental health and public health, who are collaborating to address this important topic.

The ACE Learning Collaborative allows members of the Innovative Approaches Steering Committee to bring this concept to a broader audience. We hope to see more direct service providers, counselors, and school administrators discuss ACEs in their daily work to help individuals begin to build resilience, as well as break the cycle of ACEs in families and in our community.

Join the Local ACEs Connection Network and Share your Stories of Resilience: Buncombe County ACEs Connection Group

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