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Local Resources

Prior to your 18th birthday, if you experienced any of the following ACEs, you can find help in breaking the cycle of ACEs in your family. We encourage you to contact the following local agencies for information and support.

Once you know your ACE Score and its impact, there are personal strategies and community resources that exist to help you.

If you or someone in your family has experienced:

(1) Emotional Abuse
(2) Physical Neglect
(3) Sexual Abuse
(4) Emotional Neglect
(5) Physical Neglect
(6) Absence of Parent - Divorce, Death or Abandonment
(7) Mother/Stepmother - Treated Violently
(8) Household Member - Abused Alcohol or Drugs
(9) Household Member - Depression, Mental Illness/Suicide Attempts
(10) Household Member - Prison

Click on one of the following areas for local resources and information:
Mental & Emotional Health Services
Physical & Medical Health Services
Links to come.
Children & Family Support Services
Links to come.

(Local Resources Page Under Construction)