A Quick Introduction to Resilience and ACEs

Who We Are

The Buncombe ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) Learning Collaborative is comprised a wide variety of members. We are community members including including parents, advocates for community change, artists, and professionals in medicine, social work, education, mental health, and public health who are collaborating to address this important topic. We are a volunteer driven and OPEN group that encourages participation from interested and motivated community members.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work together to make changes in our community to keep ACEs from happening and for all of us to understand how to bounce back from our stresses and difficult things. We hope to help educate the community and see more direct service providers, counselors, and school administrators discuss ACEs in their daily work to support individuals in building resiliency, as well as break the cycle of ACEs in families and in our community.

Where to Begin and How to Use this Website

If you are new to the concept of ACEs, do not know your score, or just need a little more background, start learning by clicking on the Find Your ACE Score tab above or click HERE and move through the site from there. If you already have a background but are looking for how to fight against the effects of ACEs, go to our Build Resilience tab or click HERE. If you want information on where you can find support for yourself or family during a difficult time or to help build resilience, use the Find Support tab or click HERE. Research articles and studies that investigate ACEs and have lots of scientific information can be found HERE under the Learn More tab as well as other useful videos, websites, and handouts you can share with others. Or, if you are already an expert and want to see how you can help out others or your community, find out more in the Get Involved tab HERE.

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